The eastern charm of Venice, with its evocative harmonies, combined with the solidity and experience of the oldest working shipyard in all the world, in supplying those fortunate connoisseurs who are able to appreciate them, masterpieces of the absolutely highest levels, which as the publicity for Swiss watch manufacturers states, we cannot completely possess, but rather we are called on to have custody over and pass on, just as those precious works-of-art which human ingenuity has been able to create over time and which leave us in admiration, astounded, knowing that we are quite simply facing a one-off.

Tens of thousands of working hours, passed with the most precious and highly considered species of trees, from the extraordinary Iroko of the keel, to the incredible hardened laminate of the hull, up to the most intriguing burr walnut of the internal finishing, in order to make a masterpiece which can then be dismantled with the use of a simple screwdriver; only a few lines are required, if not to define, at least to draw the outlines of these vessels, each one an absolutely unique piece, made according to the severest safety dictates, which is able, as Marco points out, to "take us home, safely, in any sea and wind conditions which can be found out on the open sea". This has given strength to the legend which states that Camuffo vessels go out to sea when others come home into port, just as led some German yachting journalists to define them "Stradivariuses of the Sea" on visiting the shipyard in 1977.

Shipyard production has never been standardised, but is rather the fruit of an ongoing evolution of prototypes which also differ depending on their length and the motorisation requested to perfect and maximise performance, with the highest levels of comfort on board at all times in order to live in harmony with the sea, worry free. But Marco Camuffo has still been able to make improvements and reach a state of unequalled, absolute art, with his latest creations, using a magic, unrivalled deep-V bottom with lateral supports. It's truly surprising, please see the links to the test films, to see how these ten-tonne giants rise up as weightless as swans, in a few seconds, and fly on the waves as though they were running on invisible tracks, with a trim which it is reductive to define as perfect and with consumption levels that are always less than half of our closest competitors, please see for example our 35 tonne 60’ model brought to a cruising speed of 27 GPS knots with only 138.4 litres/hour at 1650g/m and capable of the noteworthy maximum speed of 40’ at 2.330g/m with two 820Hp MAN each.

The shipyard overlooks the shores of the river Lèmene, which is used by our vessels for going out to sea and where everything is produced, from the bottom, to the equipment, to the furnishings, down to the most incredible details, for instance: the rear roll-bar, used to support the electronic visual and acoustic equipment, which is made with the same technique as the hull and requires a week of work by two expert carpenters is, in itself, a small gem of extremely high level craftsmanship, as are the flying-bridge furnishings, which are also made using the same technique. Our workers are part of the shipyard's success, all of whom are like musical masters who Marco Camuffo leads like an incomparable conductor, and who remain at the client's side for as long as required to get used to the vessel and if necessary are able to undertake work or transfers over practically the whole of the Mediterranean. This personalisation goes beyond the devices inside our vessels, and into the creation of the information technology and audio-visual equipment, even in terms of details with a bearing on the quality of life on board, as for instance in the accessories, crockery and facilities, all of which are of incomparable quality and unique in their personalisation, which can even include, on request, clothing, for guests, or for the crew. The motorisation used, which is the best on the market, whether Man or Caterpillar, just as the inverters and the equipment are represented and served in all the main ports in the Mediterranean, to guarantee the fortunate owner of a Camuffo the maximum level of safety and tranquillity. All of which is at a price which will surprise you: a Stradivarius at the cost of a Yamaha.

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