Exclusive wooden motor yachts with incomparable performance. Wood, an ancient and extraordinarily new technology, yet extremely evolved and up-to-date. The scarce availability of wood and its ever higher costs have led to research into new materials, such as iron and aluminium, which nevertheless have not revealed themselves as able to fully substitute wood in terms of its insulating, elastic and hardwearing coefficient properties, which remain unchanged over time, given that, as is well-known, wood has no "memory effect". The chemical progress in glues in the 50s brought about a real technological revolution in wood being used in the nautical field, with the creation of different multilayered plywood, before present-day hardened marine laminates were devised, which are obtained by placing very thin layers of different woods one on top of the other orthogonally and gluing them using irreversible thermo-hardening phenolic resins. This new wood can be defined as "technological", buffered as it is by glues and anti-insect treatments, indeed, it results as being able to resist external agents over time, maintaining its natural peculiarities (elasticity, resistance and coefficient properties) which make it unbeatable as a nautical building material, being incomparable with other materials, such as fibreglass, composites, iron and aluminium. Due to their accurate processing, compensates result as being perfectly desiccated; without internal tension; furthermore, by varying the composition of the woods and their thicknesses it is possible to gain the characteristics of resistance and flexibility required on a case-by-case basis.

Moreover, these new thermo-hardening phenolic and resorcinic resins enable elements taken from the RINA homologated hardened marine laminate panels to be glued together perfectly and thus, allow a one-piece bottom and broadside to be produced. Camuffo motor yachts are made with a tight-knit structure in solid wood, worked along the grain in order to take advantage of the grain of the wood fibre, to enable incomparable elasticity and dynamic absorption of the weight-bearing structure; furthermore, this allows double-bottoms and air spaces to be formed between the internal battens and external planking which, by recycling the air upwards, creates a natural environment that is in equilibrium at all times, without condensation, creating a comfortable on board stay. The keelson, the keel, the post and the wheel are made of 70x100mm Iroko solid-wood, the hull bottom frame layers are made of 32x100 Iroko, while the broadside futtocks are made of 28x100 Sapele Mahogany. The pitch between the layers is 400 mm; the hull bottom longerons are made of 60x170 Douglas-Mahogany while the longitudinal battens of the hull bottom are made of 18xl00 Mahogany and the broadsides are made of 15xl00 Douglas, with the beams being made of 40x60 Mahogany and the pitch being 250 mm.

The decorative woods are made from the highest quality species of trees such as Sapele Mahogany and Khaya Ivorensis, Teak, Maple and Walnut roots, etc. The hardened marine laminate planking is made of 19 layers of 20mm mixed Sapele-Beech Mahogany for the bottom and 17 layers of 18 mm Khaya Ivorensis Mahogany for the broadsides, the longitudinal stakes are made of solid-wood Siamese Teak - worked and glued by expert hands with thermo-hardening resorcinic resins, electrolytic copper and stainless steel AISI 316 stronghold type pivots and nails, offering an unbeatable guarantee of robustness and product quality which is unchanged overtime, while the ten-coats of monocomponent synthetic varnish guarantee protection. Camuffo hulls offer elasticity, high capacity sound-proofing, material stability (absence of osmosis) and the excellent insulation which is offered by wood; this material has the lowest thermal conduction of all those used in nautical construction (0.1W/m K compared to 0.75 for plastic materials, 45 by stainless steel and 200 by aluminium). All of this requires minimum maintenance such as simply varnishing the external hull after five-six years, the annual renewal of the antifouling paint and the monthly washing down of the teak bridge with soap and water.

Internally, Camuffo motor yachts allow the highest level of liveability in extraordinary comfort which can be personalised by the client with furnishings, accessories and carpeting with the materials and colours of your choice, to better enjoy, in perfect sound-insulation, the exceptional sailing performance offered. Each centimetre has been designed to live out on the sea safely; indeed, the interior of the vessel has been made with over 750 shaped and framed pieces of Khaya Ivorensis Mahogany and light-coloured Mahogany plywood with panelling made of light-coloured and dark-colour Walnut root, ceilings made of the highest quality marine leather and light-coloured Walnut root and borders and wire covers made of Teak, all varnished with 10 coats of transparent monocomponent synthetic varnish. The individual pieces can be entirely dismantled with screwdrivers so as to enable any type of work to be carried out at any point on the hull.

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