The Stradivariuses of the sea

Last winter, sitting in front of the fire with a good glass of red wine in his hand, Marco Camuffo was prompted to say, while indicating a robust, solid walnut sideboard, which had been in his basement room for generations: "Look what a high-class, elegant, robust, solid piece of furniture it is, and yet try putting it in the garden, exposed to bad weather and you'll see how long it lasts; then expose any of my creations to the same thing and you'll see the difference, I don't make furniture, I'm a carpenter." This summarises the uniqueness of the oldest shipyard in the world, maximum perfection, intransigence and obsession in choosing materials, just as with our craftsmanship. So, in this case we can affirm: absolutely no compromises. Marco, the shipwright's right-hand man, who was taken on by his father Luigi, and was the genius who had the intuition regarding gliding at the dawning of the creation of the first MAS boat, which he took part in, demonstrates the criteria he uses for installing equipment in the engine room, with a shy but at the same time proud smile: to be able to get at an installed device at any moment and in any way, and to be able to remove it as easily as he installed it; one can appreciate by this how almost all present-day vessels are made.